Career Opportunities


We are a collaborative team that gets excited about numbers and helping people. 

We are thorough and dedicated in our work. This gives us the ability for flexible schedules as we strive to blend our work commitments and lifestyles. We are a hybrid team with options to work remotely. 

Our company and culture are built on life-long learning. We don’t easily settle into the status quo and we are constantly looking forward with a growth-mindset.

Your opportunity to grow here, personally and professionally, is unlimited. We want our team members to be driven, be interested in learning new things, and have a desire to deepen their expertise. This is one of the best things about working here – to always be moving towards something more. Team members at Insight CPAs and Financial, PLLC are:


You like doing something different every day. You swiftly adjust with change.


You are there for your clients and teammates. You have integrity. You are self-driven.

Willing to Learn

You engage with your curiosity. You set aside your ego. You challenge yourself to go further.


You are a team player. You communicate well. You actively seek out working together.

Learn About Our Team

We won’t sugarcoat it: our work is demanding. We touch a lot of different types of accounting. It takes a major commitment to show up. To us, our professional growth and the impact we have on our clients is well worth it. Click the tabs below to read more about working at our firm.

CPAs & Accountants
Operations & Office Support
Young Professionals

Build A Rewarding Career In Accounting

If you are an experienced accounting professional seeking a company that continually encourages personal and professional growth, we may be a great fit for you. We do a variety of work that crosses many areas of accounting. You have the opportunity to grow in any direction you wish to set your career goals.

Here you can engage your interests and strengths at the level that is right for you. You will find growth as you build and shape your career supported by professional development and mentorship.

Accountants at Insight CPAs & Financial, PLLC are critical thinkers who do more than just crunch numbers.

You work directly with clients. Every accountant has the responsibility to understand the client as a whole. We are not just accountants, but advisors. We think first from the client perspective and then apply our accounting expertise.

We have a collaborative way of accounting that requires a team mindset. At our firm you maintain ownership of projects and work with the team to see the project through to completion. It is essential that you are someone who can be part of a team.

You’re someone who gets excited about the ways numbers fit together. You like seeing that what you do makes a positive impact on your clients. We have a lot of fun here because we love numbers and we love helping people.

Create An Impact And Work That Matters


Our growing firm needs your creativity and management skills. If you like to problem-solve, dream big, and make a lasting impact this may be the place for you. You have an innovative mind and are energized to make bold plans. You enjoy building a framework for the future and live with a growth-mindset.

You can create a vision – then sit down, map it out, and get it done. You swiftly adapt to new information and circumstances, embracing the change that comes along with the journey. We welcome project managers, administrators, designers, and business managers to join our team.


We work incrementally to make each day better than the last – strengthening communication, improving processes, and resolving problems.

You are a coordinator or operations manager who likes to make day-to-day operations run more smoothly. You like to solve puzzles and develop solutions to challenges.

In our collaborative environment, you can easily connect with and work with all types of people. Whether executing routine projects or implementing new growth plans, you have a consistent and steady presence with the ability to respond positively to change and shifting priorities.

Client Care

Our clients are extremely important to us. The team members who work at Insight CPAs & Financial, PLLC serve our clients with integrity, confidentiality, and care. Our administrative and client care team are essential to our relationships with our clients.

You are a coordinator, client account specialist, or administrative assistant who deeply cares about customer service and creating a positive experience and you enjoy being part of a team.

A Place To Learn, Grow, Succeed

You are a student or recent graduate who wants to jump into actual work. You are driven to be challenged. You have a willingness to learn.

Here you have the opportunity to go as far as you want to go in your interests and career goals. We have a supportive environment that believes in life-long learning. What you do is based on your willingness and drive and not a hierarchy or seniority.

You touch clients' lives in many ways. Because of this we expect a high level of accountability and responsibility from you.

Accounting majors and CPA candidates get hands-on experience and training in client work. You also have direct access to professionals supporting you when finishing your degree or preparing for your exams.

Pursuing the perfect job opportunity

We are always looking for great people to join our team who fit our culture and want to grow with us. That includes someone who is:

  • New to the area or community
  • Going through or just went through a new life change or transition
  • Seeking part-time work
  • Has a non-traditional or cross-disciplinary background or work history

We openly accept career inquiries from CPAs and accountants. If you get excited by reading about our firm and want to share what you have to offer, send a resume and letter of interest to